Our sport tours are the perfect combination of a group holiday with your team, club or school, while practicing your sport and playing friendly fixtures against local opposition teams in the best training facilities of your destination.

We run them through several regions of Spain such as Catalonia (Barcelona), Basc Country (Bilbao) and the Community of Madrid (Madrid). And, also, through several regions of France such as Occitanie (Toulouse), Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Bordeaux) and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Marseille). Under request also elsewhere.

We organize them all year around and we tailor them according to the clients’ budgets, demands and needs. And, depending on the length of the tour, our clients have the choice to visit just one destination or several, be it in the same country or a combined tour between more than one country.

For further information and details on our sport tours in Spain and France, see below and select the destination you fancy. For other destinations, get in touch with us.

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