We collaborate with several international agencies related to the sport tourism. We offer all our services in our local influence area, namely Northern Spain, Southern France, Madrid, and especially Catalonia-Costa Brava and the city of Barcelona.

Our services may be hired one by one, or as a whole, according to our partners’ needs.
Our services range from organizing a whole sport tour, a sport camp or taking part in a tournament, to arranging friendly fixtures against local teams of a similar competitive level, arranging the right accommodation for a group on the best price-value basis, or arranging the best sport facilities in our area, among others.

If you are a sport tourism related agency and you would like to know further about us do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We work along with other private enterprises within the sport industry. We may act indistinctly as an inbound or as an outbound partner.

We organize events along with clubs or schools. It may be a whole event or just parts of it. The major co-organized event we organize is the Blanes Basketball Cup, which takes places every Easter break and we organize it along the Club Bàsquet Blanes since 2012.

Depending on the size of the event we may need volunteers to help us out with the organization. All the volunteers we recruit four our events are youngsters that love sport and enjoy being around helping with whatever is needed for the event to run properly.

Ocasionally we collaborate with some Colleges and Universities, which send us students to complete the practical part of their studies.

If you are an individual, a College or a University and you are interested in our volunteering offers, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through