We organize the Blanes Basketball Cup since 2012!

We organize sport camps and sport tours in Spain and France all year around!

Professionals sporting in and on both sides of the Pyrenees

We are a sport events agency based in Blanes (Costa Brava), located 65 kms on the north from Barcelona and 100 kms on the south of the border between Spain and France. We organize sporting events of our own as well as with partnership with third parties, be it a club, a school or a firm within the sport tourism industry.

The most popular event we organize is the Blanes Basketball Cup, which takes place every year during the Easter break. The tournament is co-organized by Basketmon and the Club Bàsquet Blanes along with the support of Ajuntament de Blanes (Blanes City Council). During the last edition in 2022, 115 teams took part in the tournament, gathering nearly 1.300 players and over 200 coaches.

We are, now, very excited to announce that we are launching the 1st edition of the CN Costa Brava, which will run during the third weekend of June (16th-17th-18th June). Further info will be published shortly.

Other important activities that we organize all year around are our sport camps and sport tours, which we organize in several locations either in Spain or France, be it in the Pyrenees or by the sea side.

Comming Up Events

Comming Up Events

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