JUNE 21st-23rd, 2024


Where the Pyrenees meet the sea. Land of nature, sea, and mountains, and the cradle of art, history, and culture. A perfect combination that makes it one of the most tourist-friendly regions.


Epicenter of Alt Empordà, located fifteen kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Pyrenees, and surrounded by three natural parks. A city that offers us both nature and culture, appreciated for its various museums, including the most visited and famous one, the Dalí Theatre-Museum. Additionally, you can explore the largest fortress in Europe, the Castle of Sant Ferran.

Castelló d’Empúries:

It starts near the mouth of the Muga River, in the Gulf of Roses. Its strategic location allows us to combine art, culture ans history with sun ans beach tourism while enjoying nature. The municipality’s leisure and free time offerings are grouped into these three must-visited áreas: The Vila Comtal, the coastal area of Empuriabrava, and the Natural Park of Aiguamolls de l’Empordà.


It’s located on the North coast of the Gulf of Roses, in the South of Cap de Creus. It’s a major tourist center, with residential areas, hotels, beaches and two ports ( fishing and sports). It is an attractive and prominent location within the northern sector of the Costa Brava. The coastline of the municipality of Roses includes a long Sandy beach, and further to the east, a large number of beautiful beach coves.


U12 – Born in 2012 and 2013 (Mini)U12 – Born in 2012 y 2013 (Mini)
U14 – Born in 2010 and 2011U14 – Born in 2010 y 2011
U16 – Born in 2008 and 2009U16 – Born in 2008 y 2009
U18 – Born in 2006 and 2007U18 – Born in 2006 & 2007

*Depending on the teams registered in each category and their competitive level, the organization reserves the right to create subcategories distinguishing between first and second years or subcategories differentiated by skill levels.*


All tournament matches will be played under the best conditions, on top-quality indoor courts. Likewise, all participating teams in the tournament can use their own locker room before and after each match. All to ensure that our customers can enjoy a high-quality tournament experience.






All athletes will be accommodated in a three-star hotel. All hotels provided by the organization for the tournament offer amenities such as a swimming pool, 24-hour reception, restaurant, bar, board game rooms, among others. Additionally, all rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, TV, telephone, heating, and air conditioning. Being the comfort of our participants one of our top priorities.

Prestige Hotel Goya Park (teams):

The Prestige Hotel Goya Park stands out for its comfortable rooms, facilities with all kinds of details designed for comfort, and its extensive program of recreational activities. The Prestige Hotel Goya Park is located in a relaxing environment, and its 246 rooms are ideal to accommodate all participants and to enjoy the great atmosphere of the tournament. In addition, from its terraces, one can admire the unique landscape of the Costa Brava.

Where will we eat?

  • Breakfast and dinners will be at the hotel. A varied buffet for breakfast, including cold and hot dishes, and cold and hot beverages. For dinner, the buffet offers a range of dishes suitable for athletes, both cold and hot. All meals include mineral water (and house wine for adults).
  • Lunch will prioritize service at the hotel, and similar to dinner, the hotel will offer a varied buffet of cold and hot dishes suitable for athletes. Due to logistical reasons with match schedules and hotel service, there is a possibility that lunch will be served in a picnic format to take away. In all cases, the picnic will include: cutlery, a 330cc water bottle, a 500ml container with various salad options to choose from, a sandwich with several choices, a cereal bar, and fruit or yogurt to choose from. In these cases, the organization will provide a designated area in the sports complex for athletes to enjoy their lunch.

How do we get from the hotel to the matches?

  • The transportation of athletes from the hotel to the various sports venues of the tournament will be provided by the organization’s buses, and the service is included in the team’s price.

Can I stay in a single room?

  • Yes. The supplement for a single room is €25.00/night.

Can we book extra nights?

  •  Yes, if the entire group stays extra nights.

Can family members and supporters stay in the same hotel as the teams?

  • Yes. Team supporters can stay in the same hotel as the teams upon request. If not expressly requested, supporters will be accommodated in one of the 4-star or superior 3-star hotels that the tournament organization has arrangements with.


FRIDAY JUNE 21, 2024
  • *Starting from 1:00 PM: Arrival of the teams and room assignment at the hotel
  • 4:00 PM: Competition begins – Group stage

*For those teams who choose to go directly to the sports facility to play a match or decide to arrive later due to logistical reasons, they can check in to the hotel later.*

  • Morning: Competition – Group Stage.
  • Afternoon: Qualifying Stage and Group Crossing.
SUNDAY JUNE 23, 2024
  • Morning: Competition – Final Stages.
  • Afernoon:
  • 5:30 pm: Trophy Presentation and closing Ceremony.

Departure for teams without an extra night.

MONDAY JUNE 24, 2024


– Departure of the teams

*For those teams with an extra night after the tournament closure.

This is a tentative Schedule. It may change base don the organizations needs to Schedule matches for a good progress of the tournament.

Games and regulation:

All teams will play 4 matches.

The regulation that will we applied in all matches is the FIBA regulations, with the following exceptions:

  • The first quarters will be 12 minutes running clock. In free throws, the clock will NOT stop. It will only stop in cases of force majeure and when the referee indicates. In the fourth quarter, the first 10 minutes will be running clock, and the last 2 minutes will follow FIBA clock rules.
  • The break times between the first and second quarter and the third and fourth quarter will be one minute. The break time between the second and third quarters will be three minutes.
  • Each team will have one timeout during the first two quarters and one timeout during the third quarter and the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter. During the last 2 minutes, with the clock stopped in the fourth quarter, each team will have one timeout.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the game, an overtime period will be played following FIBA rules and with the clock stopped. The first team to score three points will be declared the winner of the game.

Schedule and competition systems

The schedules and competition systems will be published and sent to all teams two weeks before the start of the tournament. Once the registration period is closed, the organization will determine the competition system and schedule for each category based on two variables: the number of participating teams in each category and the competitive level of the teams.

Once all schedules are created and confirmed, they can be viewed and followed through the tournament’s collaborating application, Swish by NBN23.

Competition Venues:

  • Sports Zone of Figueres (Rafel Mora and Roser Llop Pavilions).

Address: Plaza dels Voluntaris, s/n, 17600 Figueres (Girona)

  • Municipal Pavilion of Castelló D’Empúries.

Address: Calle Climent, 24, 17486 Castelló d’Empúries, Girona.

  • Municipal Pavilion of Roses.

Address: Ctra. Mas Oliva, 43, 17480 Roses, Girona.

  • Municipal Pavilion Perelada.

Address: Paseo de Catalunya, s/n, 17491 Peralada, Girona.

Results and Information:

All results, standings, statistics, and competition-related information can be followed live from anywhere through the tournament’s collaborating application, SWISH by NBN23. Additionally, information will be displayed on information boards set up by the organization at various points in the sports areas.

Competition Committee

In the event of any exceptional situation, the competition committee, consisting of 4 members of the organization, will make the decision it deems appropriate, and it will be final and irrevocable.


Teams must be present in the sports area at least half an hour before the start of their match. The match schedules are tightly planned, and if a team arrives late for their match, it can disrupt the entire tournament. In the event that a team arrives late, unless it is due to force majeure, the tournament’s competition committee reserves the right to consider that match lost for the team arriving late, with a score of 0-99.

Changing rooms

All teams will have a changing room for their matches. The changing rooms are assigned by the sports service or employees of the City Council at each facility. To find out which changing room is assigned to each team before their match, a group representative (coach) should inquire at the information/reception point of the Hall.

Trophy presentation

The trophy presentation will take place as soon as the competition concludes, and the attendance of all participating teams is appreciated. All teams will receive a commemorative trophy of the tournament.

Team conduct

If a team behaves inappropriately during a match (excessive protests to the referees, unsportsmanlike behavior, clashes with opponents and/or the organization), it may be expelled from the tournament. Team representatives (coaches/delegates) will be responsible for the attitude and behavior of their players towards the referees, opponents, audience, organization, and the facility.

Important information

Lodging and Meals


To participate in the tournament, all teams must stay at the hotel arranged by the organization. The hotel cannot accept direct reservations from the teams.

Hotel check-in

Please bring a photocopy of the passport or National Identity Document for each person; this will expedite the check-in process and room key distribution.


All meals will be served in the hotel restaurant and will be provided as a buffet. Mineral water is included in all meals. When a team has matches both in the morning and afternoon, the organization’s bus will transport them to and from the hotel for lunch.

Only in cases where it is logistically impossible to go back and forth from the sports facility to the hotel due to scheduling and time constraints, affected teams will have a complete athlete’s picnic prepared by the hotel kitchen. The organization will provide a covered and equipped space near the sports facilities for the picnic. Additionally, affected athletes will enjoy free entry to the municipal pools of Figueres.

Hotel rules

The rules and regulations of the hotel must be followed.

Guests must have a appropriately and be respectful of the hotel environment and other guests.


Buses to matches

Each team will be assigned a schedule and bus for transportation Hotel-Sports Facility-Hotel. Departure times are approximately one hour before the start of the match, and return times are approximately one hour after the match ends.

In which airport should we arrive at?

Barcelona (BCN) or Girona-Costa Brava (GRO) are the two closest airports to the tournament location.

Transfers from the airport to the hotel, depending on the arrival time and the first scheduled match, and back to the airport after the tournament, are the responsibility of each participating team. The tournament organization can book and manage these transfers upon request at:


Sports accident insurance

The organization has a policy for sports acidents that occur during the tournament.


In the event that the tournament can not take place due to force majeure, the organization will refund the total amount of registrations paid by the teams, as it was done in 2020.

Price for teams


Participants€ for personRoom type
Players240.00 €Multiple occupancy (triples)
Coaches / Assistants *165.00 €Double room
Extra night in full board60.00 €Same room

*Head coach is free if the team consists of a minimum of 10 players. The price of 165€ is for assistant coaches and for head coaches whose teams have less than 10 players. This price is for a double room. A single room has a supplement of 25€/night (see promotions and discounts).

The price includes:

  • Participation in the tournament
  • 3 days / 2 nights in Full Board at a three-star hotel (From dinner on Friday, June 21, 2024, to lunch on Sunday, June 23, 2024)
  • Internal transportation Hotel – Sports Facilities – Hotel during the tournament
  • Sports accident insurance
  • Medicalized ambulance service (new)
  • Online schedules, results, and match tracking (new)
  • Bottled water during the competition
  • Trophy for all teams
  • Memory for all participants
  • Commemorative T-shirt: For teams registered before April 15, 2023, an exclusive tournament basketball t-shirt (see promotions and discounts).

Discounts and promotions

  • Free head coach if the team consists of a minimum of 10 players or more.
  • -5.00€ per player for clubs participating with 3, 4, or 5 teams.
  • -10.00€ per player for clubs participating with more than 5 teams.
  • Free exclusive tournament basketball T-shirt for players of teams registered before April 15, 2024!

The Costa Brava Basketball Challenge t-shirt is exclusive for each edition. Each year, the design and colors are different, and it is highly appreciated by participants.

Teams registered after April 15, 2024, will receive an imported technical shirt. If they wish to acquire the exclusive Costa Brava Basketball Challenge shirt, it can be exchanged for the technical shirt with an additional cost of 10€.


What procedure should be followed to register teams?

  1. Request registration by sending an email to:
  2. The organization will respond within one business day.
  3. If there is availability in the requested category/categories:
    • Make an initial payment of 400€/team as a pre-registration and send the payment receipt to This amount will be deducted from the final payment amount.
    • Once this initial payment is received, the organization will pre-register the team/teams in the tournament application, and the spot will be reserved until the final payment is made, before Friday, May 4, 2024.
    • After the teams are pre-registered, the organization will provide access via email to the person(s) indicated by the club/team’s representative to register players and coaches for each of the pre-registered teams.
    • Settle the remaining outstanding amount before Friday, May 4, 2024.

Why the first payment?

To secure the reserve place, a first payment of €400 per team is required as a deposit. This amount will be deducted from the final amount to be paid for participation in the Costa Brava Basketball Challenge.

Upon receipt of the first payment, the organization will send an email confirming the reservation of the place.

When is the deadline for team registration?

  • May 24, 2024, or until registrations are filled.

Most categories fill up before the registration deadline, so we advise you to confirm your registration and make the reservation payment (400€).

What is the deadline for the final payment?

The last day to settle the remaining outstanding amount is Friday, May 24, 2024.


The organization has an agreement with the Prestige Hotels chain in Roses, to accommodate both athletes and those family members, fans, or companions who want to enjoy the basketball and a few days of relaxation in Alt Empordà – Costa Brava.

In this section, accompanying persons can check prices, conditions, and the procedure to make a reservation. If you are interested, please read all the information.


Avenue de la Bocana, 38, 17480 Roses, Girona


 Breakfast + roomHalf Board

Full Board

Double room:
Triple room:
(3 adults)
Triple room:
( 2 adults + 1 child)
Connecting room:
(2 adults + 2 children)
Connecting room:
(3 adults + 1 child)
  • Prices per room and night (minimum stay of 2 nights).
  • Drinks included: 1/4 water + 1/4 wine per person and service.
  • Tourist tax + 1.32€ per person/night not included.


Avenue de la Gola de l’Estany, s/n, 17480 Roses, Girona
Santa Margarida, Platja.


 Breakfast + RoomHalf Board

Full Board

Double Room:
Triple room:
( 3 adults)
Triple room:
( 2 adults + 1 child)(SOLD OUT)
Connecting room:
(2 adults + 2 children)
Connecting room:
(3 adults + 1 child)
  • Prices per room and night (minimum stay of 2 nights).
  • Drinks included: 1/4 water + 1/4 wine per person and service.
  • Tourist tax + 0,66€ per person/night not included.


  • The allocation of spaces will be strictly based on the chronological order from the date of the reservation confirmation.
  • A reservation will only be considered confirmed once the payment has been made.
  • Offer valid until stocks last.
  • When making the reservation, it is necessary to indicate the desired hotel: VICTORIA HOTEL & SPA*** or PRESTIGE SANT MARC****


  • Enter the details of the desired reservation through the link: Make companion reservation
  • On the same link, you can check the sales and cancellation/refund policy.
  • The organization will respond within 24 business hours, informing about availability.
  • If there is no availability, the organization will send an email informing accordingly.
  • In case of availability, the organization will send the reservation details via email, including the amount for the requested reservation and payment methods.
  • If choosing to pay via bank transfer, it is mandatory to send the payment receipt in response to the email sent by the organization, indicating the reservation details and the amount to be paid.
  • Once the payment is received, the reservation will be confirmed, and the voucher will be sent via email, which must be presented at the hotel reception upon check-in.
  • After the tournament concludes, the final invoice will be sent via email to the same address from which the reservation was made.

For any questions or clarification, you can send an email to